Since joining the Stage 2 virtual accelerator, the Future Finder Challenge finalists have been hard at work. More than halfway through the six-month accelerator, the teams are honing their digital career navigation tools to better support adult learners. Between a boot camp in New York City, virtual webinars, and office hours with industry mentors, each team found time to tell us about its journey, decision to enter the challenge, and priorities for the accelerator.

The finalists bring to the challenge diverse digital platforms and agendas for developing them further, but they share a few things in common. All five teams recognize the scope of the barriers that adult learners face through the career navigation process, the urgency of meeting those challenges with bold digital solutions, and the value of mentorship and collaboration as they make the most of the accelerator. Explore the five interviews below to learn more about each team:

Looking beyond the accelerator

At the end of the accelerator, finalists will submit their market-ready tools and accompanying proposals, and present at a live demo day in fall 2023. A judging panel will review the submissions against the Stage 2 criteria and recommend a slate of winners to the Department. One grand-prize winner will receive $500,000, and up to two runners-up will receive a share of at least $250,000. Winners will be announced in fall 2023. Beyond Stage 2, the challenge will support winners into 2024 as they deploy their solutions.

In the meantime, stay tuned for a behind-the-scenes look at the mentors helping the challenge finalists build and test their tools.

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