The five finalists, listed below, were selected by expert judge and review panels to progress to the Stage 2 accelerator. During Stage 2, these finalists have access to resources and support from subject matter experts to help them refine their tools.


St. Louis, Missouri

A mobile-optimized web platform that connects learners with wraparound supports and services to increase program retention. The platform matches learners to on-campus, community, federal, and philanthropic resources such as childcare, healthcare, transportation, meals, and financial assistance.


Los Angeles, CA

A regional career navigation web platform that combines a virtual career day with a self-assessment quiz, program finder, and a personalized news feed of resources and opportunities, helping adult learners identify and pursue new career pathways. The platform’s enterprise cloud tools also allow case managers and job centers to guide, manage, and track their clients’ journeys.


San Antonio, Texas

A mobile application that matches adult learners’ knowledge, experience, and interests with current hiring needs, building a workforce talent pipeline. The app supports learners through career navigation, including assessment, exploration, and relevant training leading to job placement.


Providence, Rhode Island

A web platform that leverages storytelling and AI for self-discovery, career exploration, and lifelong success. It has 700+ real-world stories organized into career, major, school, and employer pages, a personality assessment, employer profiles, a resume builder, career planning tools, and career inspiration.


Franklin, Tennessee

A web, mobile, and offline platform — deployed across national, state, regional, and correctional programs — that links career exploration, skill-building, job postings, and applicant tracking.